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Ebooks reimagined

Feb. 2020

Version 1.2.0

Bookchain® reader new functionalities and improvements

Nov. 2019

Version 1.1.0

Global improvements
Search capabilities in the Bookchain® catalogue

May 2019

Version 1.0.0 Official Release

Official release of the Bookchain® platform
General Availability of all modules

Feb. 2019

General Availability

BETA Rollout to Publishers & Authors

Oct. 2018

Version 0.2.0 STABLE

Production BETA release
End-to-end transactions
Sale and lending in reader

May 2018

Version 0.1.0 BETA 1

First beta release
Publisher and EPUB on-boarding
End-user on-boarding
Rights transfer
Media encryption

Apr. 2017

Version 0.0.1 ALPHA 1

Blockchain contract
Manual EPUB encapsulation
Manual media encryption
End-user reading

Bookchain® will first be available for epubs – our team continues to work on the integration to make it available to other formats

Bookchain® is a new, flexible and innovative way of publishing, distributing and selling ebooks. It’s really a bunch of whole new features for your work. Bookchain® is an online platform, built on blockchain, that allows authors and publishers to configure the security, traceability, attribution, and distribution settings (including lending and reselling) of their ebooks and sell them through our catalogue. While protecting and securing the ebooks against theft and piracy, our solution lets readers access the files from any device with a web browser through our Web Reader.

Who can use Bookchain®?

Bookchain® was specifically designed to fit the different needs of all those involved in the publishing industry, although it initially has a focus on trade publishing (we had to start somewhere!). We created it to be fully adaptable to the reality of publishers, indie publishers and self-publishing authors.

How does it work?

Once users have created their account on our Bookchain® web platform, they can start uploading their digital files and fill out the parameters of the smart contract, which contains all the settings for the publishing and distribution of the ebook, including royalty distribution, price, etc. Each smart contract is powered by the blockchain and can be assigned to several files. Once the ebook is attached to a smart contract, it’s ready to be published on the Bookchain® catalogue.

Consult our book catalogue!

See all of our available books on the Bookchain® catalogue.


Bookchain® allows you to publish and distribute your work any way you choose. The smart contract enforces the parameters you define and keeps the encryption that protects the file from being illegally copied, transferred or worse, hacked.


Each account on our user interface contains a dashboard providing comprehensive data and analytics of your published documents, making it easy to evaluate your work’s reach and track its impact with the audience.


The smart contract also contains all the metadata of the file. For ebooks, the Bookchain® interface is directly linked to an ISBN database, making it easy to fill out all the relevant information, identify the rights owners of the content and even specify and distribute the respective royalties.


Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Bookchain® gives authors and publishers the ability to enable the resale and lending of their ebooks, without involving a third party. All permissions and authorizations are programed in the smart contract at the time of publishing and are as flexible as the users wants them to be.

Bookchain Solutions®

Our Bookchain Solutions® professional services offer blockchain knowledge and expertise for the publishing industry needs. Our highly efficient team can assist you in identifying opportunities to reduce your costs, develop new markets and revenue streams with innovative business models. Our development team can then customize solutions adapted to your needs. Contact us at for more details.