Canada Media Fund Invests in Scenarex Marketing Phase

We're so so excited to announce that the marketing phase of our Bookchain® solution has just received 388 000$ in funding from the Canada Media Fund from the Innovation program.

For this round, 10 projects from all over Canada were granted financing, with Scenarex receiving the highest investment for the commercialization of the Bookchain® solution.

Earlier this year, the Canada Media Fund also provided $ 232,000 in funding to Scenarex for the production of Bookchain®, which will be completed in the coming weeks!

We're also extremely thankful to everyone that worked with us on this: our lawyers BCF Avocats d'affaires and the whole team at BCF Imagine, the National Research Council who funded our prototype last year and our blockchain developers Jim Anastassiou, Steven Milstein and Humberto Quintana.

Lastly, none of this would have happened without the hard work and the dedication of our whole team: Simon-Pierre Marion, Agathe Cavanagh, Mackenzie Sheridan, Steve Breault and Christine Joly.

Don't hesitate to share the news and/or get in touch with us for more details!