An important financial support for blockchain and copyright

Scenarex and Copibec logos

Scenarex and Copibec are pleased to announce that they have received the consulting services and a financial contribution for a research and development project, from the renowned Industrial Research Assistance Program of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC IRAP), for the development of the future reproduction rights management hub based on the technology of the Bookchain® platform.

This conditional funding of $ 280,000 will enable the young Montreal company Scenarex to develop a document management platform for large companies, powered by a unique blockchain model. Development costs for this software are estimated at $ 588,000.

"With this support from NRC IRAP, the Reproduction Rights Management Hub will be a pioneer in blockchain digital document management," said Simon-Pierre Marion, CEO of Scenarex.

By using blockchains and smart contracts, the Hub will optimize document management in companies. Every use and every share will be written into the blockchain. Smart contracts will mark out these uses and shares in Copibec's license settings.

"This project will be a big step forward for the collective management of copyright," said Christian Liboiron, Director of Business and Government at Copibec. "The Hub drastically reduces document management in companies, in addition to providing better remuneration for rights holders. "

The launch of the Reproduction Rights Management Hub is scheduled for January 2022.